A 2 week #DigitalDetox

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Dear Readers,

Between the 24th of April and the 7th of May, I will be on a 2 week #DigitalDetox. 

This means that I will not be reachable via any mode of electronic communication, and as a result will not be blogging.

Partially by circumstances, partially by design.

I am going to be travelling with a friend and some of the places that we have chosen to visit have little to no connectivity.

We are begining our travels with a 7 day hike to Har Ki Dun, a beautiful valley in the Western Garhwal Himalaya region. Accompanying us on the hike will be our guide, 2 mules and our Kindles’. We will then be making a quick stop at Amritsar, followed by some time in Kasol & Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh.

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11 Reasons To Go Scuba Diving

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11 Reasons To Go Scuba Diving

…Cause 10 Ain’t Enough 

Essentially, what I took away from the article titled ‘The Science Of Why You Should Spend Your Money On Experiences, Not Things’, was to spend your saving-for-some-Chanel fund on some live-love-laugh (and I couldn’t agree more.) Of course, I like me some Chanel, and I love me some Celine, but if I had to choose between the designer Cs’ and diving in the deep blue seas, I’d pick days of diving- yes please!

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The Power Of A Good Conversation

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looked at the sun setting over the ocean, transforming the sea into liquid gold.

I sat on the balcony of a shack rooted on Goan sand, and stared into an elusive reality that seemed to want to be mine.

I was happy, but I wasn’t content.

I saw the moonlight manufacturing silver liquid and closing down shop every time a cloud went by.

I was envious of how quickly he recuperated. 

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