Growing up in India, some of my favorite childhood memories include turmeric, Tinkle’s and the free Tazos sometimes found in a Rs. 10 pack of Lays. Only after chugging my daily shot of turmeric milk, a.k.a haldi-doodh, was I allowed to play with my cousins. When Tinkle’s, Tazo wars and WWE Trump Cards were waiting, I couldn’t risk refusing my teeny-tiny cup of warm haldi-doodh. Today that warm cup of haldi-doodh is a source of comfort and a reminder that nature has all the answers.


Turmeric, a superfood, has been around for centuries, but only recently has it been getting the attention it deserves. Yes, I’m talking about that same ingredient that your aaya applies on her face every morning. Yes, that same ingredient that your mother sprinkles over the sweating onions while making your favourite butter chicken masala. Yes, that same potent ingredient that your grandma instructs your grandpa to add to his nightly cup of warm milk. Call it what you want – turmeric, manjalhaldi, yucky-looking-yellow-powder – this current cult-favorite is going nowhere. Turmeric, the powerhouse of goodness, is capable, accessible and is here to stay (unlike the Indian National Congress).

So why did America foolishly try to patent a root that looks like Ginger?

Because, dear readers:

  • Turmeric’s updated resume accounts for its whooping levels of antioxidants that claim to be 10 times more effective than Vitamin C and 8 times more effective than Vitamin E.
  • Turmeric can fight disease. It’s your marigold-colored war-hero that is equipped with the sharpest sword to rip apart free radicals (the villains that attack your body and inflict chronic disease).
  • There are clinical studies being conducted that link turmeric with the prevention & treatment of cancer.
  • Turmeric is the salve your heart needs to keep pumping, as it is proven to reduce oxidized cholesterol from our bodies.
  • Turmeric is your knight in shining armor that will kiss your pains goodbye, heal your wounds and help you deal with inflammation.
  • Turmeric is what your skin silently craves for every night. Anti-ageing, Acne, Dandruff, Stretch marks, Eczema, Cracked Skin, Burns, Rosacea – turmeric is your answer.

Besides adding it to your cooking, or drinking a cup of soothing turmeric milk (add saffron the next time you have it), turmeric can be applied topically to deal with skin issues.

  • Anti-ageing: DIY Facial mask using 1 tablespoon of homemade thickened yoghurt, 1 tablespoon of raw pure Organic Honey and ½ a teaspoon of Organic Turmeric Powder. Apply over your entire face and wash off after 20 minutes.

Did You Know: Turmeric face masks are a huge part of desi weddings. Check out my Natural Bridal Facial | DIY for Glowing Skin, here.

For more information about the health benefits of turmeric & why it is good for weight loss, check out this article by Nutri Inspector

Is Turmeric already a part of your skincare routine? Let me know in the comments!

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Photographs by the talented Nithin Barath and Green Kitchen Stories

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  • Richard Wolfstein
    March 11, 2017

    Good article! Turmeric was also proven to reduce oily skin by 24.76% in one study. That occurred after 3 months of daily application to the face. The benefits for clogged pores and acne would be huge, especially combined with the factors you talked about here.

  • brook
    January 22, 2016

    Does this work on deep 10 years stretch marks, should I put it on before or after my stretch cream lotion.

    • Ishika Sachdev
      January 22, 2016

      Hi Brook, Hope you’re well. Honestly I am not sure if it will be as effective (or quick) as a stretch cream lotion that contains safe chemicals, but it will definitely contribute in promoting cell turnover and healing which is always a good thing. Rub a thin layer on the marks and after a few minutes you can massage in your cream. Hope my response helps! Keep me posted on the progress? Have a great weekend. Best, Ishika

  • Aurelie | Surface 85
    July 31, 2015

    Nice post! I’m french but live in India. One day I bought this face pack with turmeric and I used it as instructed but I felt that my face was super hot (like a burning sensation) plus I ended up yellow ahahah That was funny! Anyway I think next time I will mix it with honey as you said. The face pack I bought just said to mix it with water or rose water.

    Aurelie |

  • Sita
    April 21, 2015

    Isnt Turmeric a depilatory (hair remover)? I’m surprised that you recommend applying to the scalp for dandruff. What has been your experience doing so?

    • Ishika Sachdev
      April 21, 2015

      Hi Sita, Hope you are well. Since we are using turmeric in a small proportion and combining it with olive oil, the turmeric can actually help ease the annoying effects of dandruff, by soothing dry, itchy skin and helping to increase scalp circulation. The primary bioactive compound in turmeric, called curcumin, has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties. I personally do not have dandruff issues on a regular basis, but I do get the occasional bout when I have mistreated and neglected by hair. I never go for hair spas to the parlour so instead I apply this mask of turmeric and coconut oil and I find that it does the job very well! Of course if you have a bad case of dandruff then I recommend doing this home remedy atleast five times a week, in conjunction with a weekly rinse with anti-dandruff shampoo. Hope that answers you question. Wish you a great day and keep me posted on your experience with this mask.

  • Ishika Sachdev
    January 20, 2016

    Thanks so much for sharing my recipe and tips! SO glad to know that you enjoyed the post on Turmeric and found it useful!! I do hope that you will use some of these recipes, if so let me know so I can keep up with your progress. I hope you take the time to subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel ->
    Wish you a great day. Best, Ishika

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