A little while ago, Chanel released three soldiers to defend and protect every one of its customer’s faces. The three soldiers were bottled separately in sleek, minimalistic packaging but were tough enough to take on any conflicting army. Though they came in a package of three, they were pumped with enough charge to individually take on environmental stressors, including pollution, stress and ageing. Unlike other skin defending soldiers, these three men did their specialized jobs at the specific times allotted. I love all things that act on what they claim to do, from soldiers in a bottle to boyfriends who stick to their promise of cleaning up after dinner. So this time, I knew I had a keeper. 

The first brave soldier is Le Jour De Chanel. He is packaged in a white bottle that pumps out the right amount of translucent energy to cover the entire face with, every morning after cleansing and before moisturizing. His area of specialization is to charge the skin with energy to adapt to its environment. He comes out on to the battlefield in the mornings and over time he kills pores and diminishes dark spots, making my complexion appear more smooth and even.

The second soldier, La Nuit De Chanel, swaggers on to the battlefield every night after cleansing and before moisturizing. A pump of his matte black demeanor squirts out a white thin cream that envelops my entire face and neck with a warm cocoon like feeling. He is trained to recharge the skin while we sleep, so that upon waking up, the defended skin is rested and ready to take on the day. Overtime he has provided comfort and replenishment to keep my skin supple and plump.

The third soldier, Le Weekend De Chanel, is the indisputable hero among the three soldiers. Though he comes to battle only over the weekends, morning and night post cleansing, he is Herculean enough to complete his duties with a swish of his velvety weapon, in a minimal amount of time, without the support of any other products. He spends the rest of the week inside his pearly-white bottle while his other two counterparts execute. On the battlefield, he exfoliates and renews the cellular structure within the epidermis and refines the skin to appear luminous and softer over time.

Since handing over the reigns of my skin to these men, five months ago, they have instilled a sense of skin-security in me without compromising on luxurious comfort. My face and neck have emerged with the sublime confidence of a job well done. If I had to recommend only one defending soldier, I would sing praises for the Herculean Le Weekend De Chanel.

Have you been defended yet?

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– Photographs taken by the extremely talented and patient Nithin Barath

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