Can Chili Oil Make Your Hair Grow? | The Huffington Post

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The Beauty Reel’s post on ‘Chilli Oil- My secret to increasing hair growth and reducing hair fall naturally‘ featured on The Huffington Post.

*Dancing in my bedroom- SO happy!*

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Natural Bridal Facial |DIY Facial For Glowing Skin

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A few weeks ago my cousin, Akriti, and I were showing off our moves while trying to follow the steps in our favourite Blogilates workout video. After all the kicking, stretching, panting and huffing, I made a few facial masks using stuff around the kitchen at home. After chugging some detox water, I began giving myself a facial. I had a big event to attend that evening, and I wanted my skin to glow. During lunch (that included cookies for dessert!) she told me that I should shoot a video on my how-to-get-glowing-skin-at-home-facial. Akriti is a makeup artist and told me that so many of her brides and clients ask her for DIY tips for getting healthier skin. So, she suggested that I document what I do to get radiant, even-toned skin. And there you have it, this video was born!

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Innocence Stems From An Effective Facial Massage Routine

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Recently my mother proudly told me that a friend of hers’ told her that I have a very innocent, baby-like face. I was informed of this commentary when my mother and I were having lunch together on our dining table. While I religiously chewed my quinoa and palak paneer (an Indian dish made of spinach and chunks of cottage cheese), I began pondering over my innocence. I concluded that I’d rather focus on retaining my innocent looking face rather than figure out where I would stand on the Innocent Meter.

As I write this piece, I am 24 years of age. Occasionally when I remind my mum of this fact, during conversations that I don’t particularly enjoy having, she says “You’re hardly 24. You’re a few months away from 25.”

I don’t mean to boast, but I have been refused entry from nightclubs and have been denied drinks multiple times. I am not an attendee of the petite party and the unofficial legal drinking age in India is 21 years. The above, along with my mum’s friend’s opinion, is obviously confirmation that I look like a high-school’er.

Since one of my many life goals is to preserve my youthful appearance through naturopathy, I developed my facial massage routine that I do on myself at home at least once a week. I prefer easy-quick-mini-detoxifying-techniques (Oil Pulling is another favourite) that I can incorporate into my daily/weekly routine; as compared to a weeklong juicing diet or other such detox programs that may or may not include starvation and a bucketful of angry tears.

The facial massage techniques that I use are mainly adopted from Lymphatic Drainage MassageThis form of massage stimulates the body’s Lymphatic System by applying slight pressure over the lymph nodes. This boosts blood circulation and helps the body get rid of toxins and waste. I find that the techniques that I use help stretch my facial muscles, improves metabolism, boosts immunity, resolves water retention issues, de-puffs my eyes and face, clears sinusitis congestion and is a natural to way to plump and lift my facial muscles. These facial massage techniques can be done as often as you like, whenever you have the time. The entire routine takes about 5 minutes to do effectively, but if you only have half a minute then you can do the whole thing with fewer reps. The idea is to do what works for you and to make it your own. Change it up if you prefer and incorporate other techniques that you may know off, but do it consistently to look and feel younger. To retain my innocence, I perform my facial massage routine at least once a week, usually on Sundays when I pamper myself with DIY home-spa treatments and a glass of red wine.

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What’s my secret to increasing hair growth and reducing hair fall naturally? The same thing I use to give my pizza a kick. The answer will surprise you…

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It’s Chilli Oil!

I know it sounds scary and you might be apprehensive at first, but trust me, if you apply Chilli Oil on your scalp at least thrice a week, I guarantee you that you will see tiny new baby hair popping up very soon. In fact my grandma, whose secret this actually was, has some new black hair roots and her hair is actually white; which means that this powerful oil might even prevent early greying besides stimulating hair growth and preventing hair fall.

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When life gives you lemons, make deodorant.

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“I use real lemons as deodorant.”

“Real lemons?” he said suspiciously.

“Yes, actual lemons. Nimbu. Those yellow citrus balls of sour juice.”

“Oh. Weird. How?” is what I got next.

“I cut them in half, remove the seeds and use one half after every shower by squeezing the juice on my underarms and then gently patting it in.”

“Isn’t it time-consuming?”

“I mean it only takes 17 seconds per underarm. I am actually training to increase my juice-the-lemon-with-your-fingers speed, so that I can beat the existing Guinness world record.”

“Oh.” said Mr. Man, appearing dumbfounded.

“Do you ever smell?” he asked.

“When I am low on confidence, I take a whiff and the smell of room freshener and lemonade immediately boosts my ego. Also, my underarms have less pigmentation since they befriended lemons and my skin does not have to unwillingly absorb all those carcinogens found in commercial deodorants.”

“Wow.” he said.

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Cardio For Your Face: Oil Pulling

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On my way home from the gym one day, I looked at myself in the rearview mirror and thought about possible exercises for my facial muscles. I began imagining a gym with treadmills for your face. I seem to have forgotten what that million-dollar piece of equipment could have looked like, but there definitely seem to have been detachable tiny legs involved. How incredible would it be to have cardio sessions dedicated to your face specifically? Do not fret, for I am about to let you in on an ancient piece of wisdom that I have recently been fortunate enough to engage in.

My homeopath, my grandmother and a beautiful dancer all whispered to me, as if their words were laced with magic, ‘oil pulling’. It was an answer I got multiple times when I asked older generations what their beauty secrets were. My first thought involved a bucket, a can of oil and a rope; I couldn’t possibly come up with anything related to beauty specifically. So I drenched my imagination with the excitement of surprise and went on over to knock on the doors of the World Wide Web.

Oil pulling, an ancient Ayurvedic technique, is simply swishing oil in your mouth on an empty stomach. 

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Chanel’s Three Brave Soldiers: Le Jour, La Nuit and Le Weekend

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A little while ago, Chanel released three soldiers to defend and protect every one of its customer’s faces. The three soldiers were bottled separately in sleek, minimalistic packaging but were tough enough to take on any conflicting army. Though they came in a package of three, they were pumped with enough charge to individually take on environmental stressors, including pollution, stress and ageing. Unlike other skin defending soldiers, these three men did their specialized jobs at the specific times allotted. I love all things that act on what they claim to do, from soldiers in a bottle to boyfriends who stick to their promise of cleaning up after dinner. So this time, I knew I had a keeper. 

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