Personalised Gifting Solutions | CherryTin

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Looking for personalised gifts for Indian weddings, or for a birthday or anniversary? CherryTin‘s got you covered!

I recently got this wonderful gift from CherryTin and loved it SO much that I decided that I must blog/vlog about my love for CherryTin and why it is my one stop shop for all gifting solutions. The gift that I recieved was a gourmet basket that contained Roasted Irani Pistachio, Organic Green Tea and Assorted Dates. Also, CherryTin has awesome staff- shoutout to Shruthi Gopinath, and their products are of superior quality!

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He Swept Me Off My Pedicured-Feet | My Kinda Love

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I am worthy, despite having dated the unworthy. I recognize the cheaters, the liars and the fools. Looking back I figure I was more in love with the idea of being in love than the person I thought I loved. Pain came and pain went, and I allowed myself to date again.

He ordered a bottle of red wine, my favorite kind, and asked me if I knew who Mr. Berry was. After two glasses of wine, I was laughing, really hard. It was as if all at once the toxic anger, the remains of sadness and the stabbing betrayal, was being purged out of my system simply by laughing. The kind of laughter that Cosmopolitan doesn’t advice letting out on first dates, the kind of laughter that snorting sneaks its way into, the kind of laughter that is saved for after you are done putting your prettiest-pedicured-foot forward atleast twenty-five times.

Want to know how he swept me off my pedicured-feet?

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5 Fast & Easy Steps To Happier & More Productive Days

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I am currently in New Delhi, writing this post from a charming café, Elma’s, located in Hauz Khas Village, while my French press stares at me with imaginary eyes that beg me to take another sip of what is now cold black bitter coffee.

It’s best friend’s wedding in a few days and as a bridesmaid, I am in charge of organizing a few surprises, that I cannot disclose until after the wedding (in case the bride reads this post while she gets her hair coifed in her favorite manner). What I can disclose is that I am supposed to have the photo-booth looking better than any photo-booth Pinterest has ever seen—my friend and I have only T-minus-very-little-time remaining if we want to win the best-bridesmaids-ever award. Besides the wedding activities and bridesmaid duties, I am also working on a few interviews I have set up in Delhi for my blog’s TALK section and trying to squeeze in time to spend with my grandparents, cousins and best friend, whom I don’t get to see very often. Imagine Cookie Monster’s stress levels when he discovers that all the cookies on Planet Earth have been eaten up, and there is no way he can get himself another chocolate chip cookie; that is exactly how I feel right now except time is the cookie I am after.

Time seems to have bought itself a Ferrari, because I cannot keep up; but I also cannot afford to stress in case it brings with it an erupting pimple that no amount of tea-tree oil and concealer can fix. Instead I resolve to practice my 5 fast and easy steps to a happier and more productive day, every day until I upgrade my engine to match that of Time’s.

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The Power Of A Good Conversation

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looked at the sun setting over the ocean, transforming the sea into liquid gold.

I sat on the balcony of a shack rooted on Goan sand, and stared into an elusive reality that seemed to want to be mine.

I was happy, but I wasn’t content.

I saw the moonlight manufacturing silver liquid and closing down shop every time a cloud went by.

I was envious of how quickly he recuperated. 

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