What is this 3 day detox diet?

My 3 day detox diet is a 3 day eating plan that was designed for me by the team at Diet Unlimited. Anandini, the lovely woman whom I was consulting with, kept in my mind all my needs and requirements while customising my detox plan. We discussed all my health goals, why I wanted to do a detox, what I wanted to achieve by completing the detox, and what I could and could not eat. Anandini has not only been an excellent source of nutritional information (and healthy recipes), but was also with me every step of the way.

Anandini decided to limit my calorie intake to about 1000 calories a day, considering I was not going to be exercising or working during the course of the detox diet. My customised eating plan consisted off quinoa,  mostly raw vegetables, sprouts, certain lentils, certain raw fruits, nuts, dry fruit and homemade yogurt. I also had to drink 3 litres of water a day, this delicious detox water (click here for the recipe), Barley water, Coconut Water, vegetable juice and vegetable soup.

I do advise getting your customised detox plan from Diet Unlimited, based on your daily routine, eating habits and requirements.

This is what my 3 day detox diet looked like:

  • Upon waking up- a cup of hot water and lemon juice, and a few almonds soaked in water overnight.
  • After pooping- a glass of detox water (recipe here).
  • Breakfast- a glass of Coconut water, and a cup of lentil salad (chickpea/black channa/sprouted green gram)
  • Snack- 3 Walnut kernels & 3 Prunes
  • Snack- 1 glass of Barley water
  • Lunch- A cup of vegetable salad with sautéed mushrooms/quinoa
  • Snack- 1 glass of detox water and 1 cup of my chia seeds pudding (recipe here).
  • Snack- 1 glass of vegetable juice
  • Dinner- 1 cup of vegetable soup (tomato/mushroom/spinach) and 1 cup of vegetable salad.

I did switch up my salad, juice and soup everyday. Anandini had given me various recipes and options to try, so that I never got bored of eating the same thing for 3 days.

Why I chose to do a 3 day detox diet:

  • I mentioned in this post, that when my friends get married I get fat. So after excessively indulging in sugary, fatty, alcoholy goodies, I needed to do something to get rid of all the crappy toxins that had found its way into my body.
  • I was bloated, puffy and exhausted after all the travelling and partying over the last few months. #firstworldproblems
  • Needed to get rid of the smelly effects induced by the excessive consumption of overly-salty-bar-peanuts’ that had asalted my digestive system.
  • Desired the time to do the following- relax, rest, rejuvenate, reenergise and give my dog a bath.

This is an account of how I felt during the course of the detox diet:

  • Day 1- like shit. Really shitty shit. I was doing well, atleast I thought so, till about 4pm which is when the no-caffeine-in-my-system kicked in. I became grumpy, irritable, had a terrible head ache and wanted to quit every couple of minutes. I didn’t let myself quit because I had no excuse this time around. (I failed to complete this detox diet the first time I tried because I was shooting videos for my YouTube channel while on the plan- bad idea.) I went to sleep with a head ache.
  • Day 2- Woke up feeling like I had extreme PMS symptoms (everything hurt, I wanted to cry for no reason and I was moody). Felt better after eating but had a mild head ache the entire day.)
  • Day 3- *YAY* Almost at the finish line. My head felt less groggy, my mom said that my face looked smaller, my eyes felt less puffy, my belly had gone on vacation, and I felt like I could do this for a few more days if I had to.

During the course of the three days I might (more like, most definitely) have done the following:

  • Cried alone. Multiple times. Because I missed my coffee. Majorly missed. Like super major (when caffeine isn’t in my system, my use of the English language cannot be questioned .
  • Googled “what does my poop say about me” and found this amazing infographic.
  • Chugged a liquid made of Barley that wasn’t beer.
  • Binged on Chia Seeds before moving on to a Broad City bingeathon (binge+marathon!)
  • Did not exercise at all. Between the crying, calorie counting, brushing (my teeth) and oil pulling, I was exhausted enough.
  • Lost 1 kilogram of weight (let’s be ignorant for 5 minutes and assume it’s not water weight, so that we can all do a celebratory dance).

I am so happy that I went on this 3 day detox diet, because besides providing all the effects of a good detox, it was also the perfect kickstart to a healthier lifestyle.

As I write this post, I am currently undertaking a course to get my scuba diving license. This means, a lot of time at sea and less time to plan your meals. Basically, I’m eating whatever is available. When I return to Chennai in a few days, I plan on redoing the detox diet just to get rid of the toxin buildup in my body and to get back into my healthier routine. 

Note: Since I am a major coffee lover (I consume about 1.5 – 3 cups a day), I was advised to reduce my caffeine intake to 1 cup and then 1/2 a cup as I got closer to day 1 of the detox plan. The first time I did the detox plan (and failed at completing it) I went cold turkey with the caffeine, but this time around we decided that it would be less of a shock to the system if we gradually decreased my caffeine intake leading into the start of the detox plan.

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-Photograph & video by Nithin Barath and BV Vishnu. 



  • Divya sundaresan
    September 2, 2015

    Hello Beautiful Lady!!

    Thank you for recommending this article. This is infact the first article of yours that caught my eye!! Definitely will try my hands on this one not for weight loss( I swear by running early morning by the beach ??) but to give my system a fresh start. Just waiting for a long weekend. Anandini definitely looks like a super cool consultant. Have a great week ahead!!


    • Ishika Sachdev
      September 3, 2015

      Yay so glad you liked the article Divya! 🙂 Enjoy your morning runs and keep me posted if ever you go this 3 day detox. Big hug. 🙂 Best, Ishika

  • sachisingh12
    March 15, 2015

    A whole kilo! YAY! Congrats Ish! You’ve inspired me to do some detoxing of my own 🙂

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