Hi, my name is Ishika. I am the author and owner of

Reading packaging labels is my favourite pastime. Skin care is my religion. I am almost fully aware of the benefits of mindful eating and fitness, the version of almost with an ‘ish’ at the end, as I do answer the late night weekly calls I get from chocolate cake or his mother- a glass of wine. My favourite smoothie is a blend of Vogue’s beauty section, a dash of Readers Digest, a pinch of Women’s health and a whole lot of Allure, sprinkled with Osho’s wisdom. OCD is an indulgence I have subscribed to. I feed off of positivity and frequently view the motivate-yourself program that runs in an unidentified part of my body, usually on a biweekly basis. I am an Indian, because most often stating your nationality is relevant in the part about biographical information.

This site essentially discusses, through various means, the perception of beauty in Asia, primarily in India. The conventional or rather mass definition of ‘beauty’ in India, unfortunately (in my opinion) gives too much weight to the flawed correlation of ‘achieving’ beauty externally through makeup. I am not against makeup at all and I am aware of the magic makeup can do, but it saddens me to see people believing that beauty and makeup go hand in hand. I intend to increase awareness of a more whole rounded image of beauty, so that our outlooks on what we find and claim beautiful may be educated perceptions. To enhance what I want to convey, the site will cover interviews of beautiful souls, have articles that will cover various beauty enhancers including nutrition tips, fitness posts and products that I believe are keepers, and a section that aims to expand our beautifully powerful minds.

If you are curious on how I got here, read my first post The Power Of A Good Conversation.

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